Holtain Tanner / Whitehouse Skinfold Caliper

Holtain Model 610ND    Price:  $799

Precision measurement tool, handcrafted by Holtain in Wales.

Product Details

The Holtain Tanner / Whitehouse Skinfold Caliper has been specifically designed for the accurate measurement of subcutaneous tissue. This instrument was developed in close collaboration with the London University Institute of Child Health, and it incorporates the recommended principles for standard usage in such measurements.


Measuring range - inches:  0 in - 1.81 in

Measuring range - millimeters:  0 mm - 46 mm

Constant pressure between anvils:  10 grms/sq. mm

Dial graduation:  0.08 in / 0.2 mm

Weight in wallet:  1.1 lbs / 0.5 kg


Holtain anthropometric instruments are high-precision instruments, manufactured by experts in Wales to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Professionals around the globe trust their most important measurements to Holtain.