Harpenden Wall Mounted Stadiometer

Harpenden Portable Stadiometer

Holtain Model 603VR    Price:  $3,499

Precision measurement tool, handcrafted by Holtain in Wales.

Product Details

The Harpenden Portable Stadiometer is a counter recording instrument and has been designed to give all the advantages of the Harpenden wall-mounted Stadiometer in a portable form.

The Harpenden Portable Stadiometer is fitted with a high speed Veeder-Root counter. It has the same sensitive counter balanced movement and will give accurate and direct readings, to the nearest millimeter, over a range of 810 mm to 2060 mm.

The Harpenden Portable Stadiometer is extremely easy to erect. Its only component parts are two uprights and a base. Erected, it is a robust free-standing unit. Dismantled, the uprights fit inside the base, which doubles as a substantial carrying case.


Measuring range - inches:  31.89 in - 81.1 in

Measuring range - millimeters:  810 mm to 2060 mm

Base dimensions - inches:  47.2 in x 14.2 in x 29.5 in

Base dimensions - centimeters:  120 cm x 36 cm x 75 cm

Weight including base:  45.19 lbs / 20.5 kg


Holtain anthropometric instruments are high-precision instruments, manufactured by experts in Wales to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The Harpenden range of Holtain anthropometric instruments was developed in close collaboration with the University of London Institute of Child Health. Holtain’s unique counter recording quickly produces extremely accurate measurements, unrealized with conventional anthropometric instruments.