Harpenden Adult Measuring Table Model 703

Harpenden Adult Measuring Table

Holtain Model 703    Price:  $3,749

Precision measurement tool, handcrafted by Holtain in Wales.

Product Details

The Harpenden Adult Measuring Table is a counter recording instrument is similar in construction to the Harpenden Stadiometer. It has the same ease of movement, the same potential for speedy and error-free direct readings, to the nearest millimeter of a subject's length (height), over a range of 300 mm to 2100mm.

The main frame of the instrument is rigidly made of light alloy. Its sliding member operates via ball-bearing rollers in order to ensure a movement which is free yet without cross-play. All the metal parts of the "Harpenden" Supine Measuring Table have a silver/grey hammer finish.

We recommend that this instrument be mounted vertically to a wall on permanent wall brackets.


Measuring range - inches:  11.81 in - 82.68 in

Measuring range - millimeters:  300 mm to 2100 mm

Net weight:  65 lbs / 29.5 kg


Holtain anthropometric instruments are high-precision instruments, manufactured by experts in Wales to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The Harpenden range of Holtain anthropometric instruments was developed in close collaboration with the University of London Institute of Child Health. Holtain’s unique counter recording quickly produces extremely accurate measurements, unrealized with conventional anthropometric instruments.