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Holtain Replacement Counter

Holtain Model 700SC    Price:  $149

Precision measurement tool, handcrafted by Holtain in Wales.

Product Details

Holtain anthropometric instruments are crafted with the industry-best materials and the utmost attention to detail. As a result, Holtain instruments are incredibly durable. But after extended heavy use you may need to refresh a part. 

This Replacement Counter is the replacement for Holtain's Harpenden Neonatometer, Infantometer, Adult Measuring Table, and Infant Measuring Table.





Holtain anthropometric instruments are high-precision instruments, manufactured by experts in Wales to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Holtain’s unique counter recording quickly produces extremely accurate measurements, unrealized with conventional anthropometric instruments. Professionals around the globe trust their most important measurements to Holtain.