GPM Small Instrument Kit

GPM Model 112    Price:  $2,599

Product Details

The GPM Small Anthropometric Instrument Kit contains all the necessities for your practice to ensure the highest level of precision in small distance measurements. 

For measurement of length and depth up to 200 mm, the kit includes the GPM Martin type Sliding Caliper. The kit includes a Small Spreading Caliper for measurement between distances where one or both points may not be on a flat surface. The purchaser can select either the Small Spreading Caliper with rounded ends, or pointed ends. If the instrument will be used on patients we recommend selecting rounded ends. No matter which ends of the curved branches you choose, the Small Spreading Caliper will provide measurement up to 300 mm.

The Small Instrument Kit comes packaged inside a rigid canvas carrying case. Along with the Martin type Sliding Caliper and Small Spreading Caliper the kit also includes GPM's anthropometric Plastic Tape Measure and Dermographic Pencil.


Weight:  2.43 lbs. / 1.1 kg


GPM anthropological instruments are high-precision instruments, manufactured for decades to the highest levels of Swiss quality craftsmanship. These instruments are exported worldwide and are based on the anthropology developed by Rudolf Martin. Ongoing work on new technology and development ensures an assortment of GPM instruments that are always up-to-date and meet every demand.