Harpenden Neonatometer

Harpenden Neonatometer

Holtain Model 701    Price:  $2,049

Infant precision measurement tool, handcrafted by Holtain in Wales.

Product Details

The Harpenden Neonatometer is expertly crafted to measure the length of an infant to the nearest millimeter; it is specifically designed to be used without the infant having to be lifted from the surface on which they are lying.

The ball-bearing mounted carriage has an extremely free movement, and is operated via a constant pressure lever which automatically locks the carriage at the correct measuring point. This mechanism ensures reproducibility of measurement and effectively eliminates variation due to differing operator techniques.


Measuring range - inches:  Long, 7.4" to 29.5" / Short, 7.01" to 23.6"

Measuring range - millimeters:  Long, 188 mm to 750 mm / Short, 180 mm to 600 mm

Net weight:  4.4 lbs / 2 kg

Packed weight:  7.7 lbs / 3.5 kg


Holtain anthropometric instruments are high-precision instruments, manufactured by experts in Wales to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The Harpenden range of Holtain anthropometric instruments was developed in close collaboration with the University of London Institute of Child Health. Holtain’s unique counter recording quickly produces extremely accurate measurements, unrealized with conventional anthropometric instruments.