Sliding Caliper (Martin type)

GPM Model 104    Price:  $899

Product Details

The GPM Martin type Sliding Caliper consists of a thick, metal vertical bar with a recording strip graduated in millimeters from 0 to 20 cm for length measurements, and from 0 to 5 cm for depth measurements

One of the two horizontal branches is fixed to the vertical bar, and the other slides smoothly up and down the vertical bar to ensure a precise measurement of length and depth.

The Martin type Sliding Caliper can be supplied alone or as part of a package in the Large Instrument Kit or Small Instrument Kit.


Measuring range - inches:  0 in - 07.87 in

Measuring range - millimeters:  0 mm to 200 mm

Weight:  4.23 oz / 0.12 kg


GPM anthropological instruments are high-precision instruments, manufactured for decades to the highest levels of Swiss quality craftsmanship. These instruments are exported worldwide and are based on the anthropology developed by Rudolf Martin. Ongoing work on new technology and development ensures an assortment of GPM instruments that are always up-to-date and meet every demand.