Large Spreading Caliper (pointed ends)

GPM Model 109    Price:  $2,199

Product Details

The GPM Large Spreading Caliper with pointed ends provides accurate measurement of the distance between two points, where one or both points may not be on a flat surface. This Large Spreading Caliper can also be used for the measurement of Anterior-Posterior chest depth.

The ends of the spreading branches are pointed and generally not comfortable for the patients, as opposed to the GPM Large Spreading Caliper model 108, which has rounded ends.

The GPM Large Spreading Caliper with rounded ends is manufactured from chrome plated steel. Hinged at the base, the two curved branches with pointed ends are connected by a pivotal ruler, which is engraved in millimeter intervals from 0 to 60 cm. The branches can be immobilized in any position by a screw located on the slider which guides the ruler. The ruler gives the precise distance between the two points over which the measurement has been taken.


Measuring range - inches:  0 in - 23.62 in

Measuring range - millimeters:  0 mm to 600 mm

Weight:  1.13 lbs. / 0.525 kg


GPM anthropological instruments are high-precision instruments, manufactured for decades to the highest levels of Swiss quality craftsmanship. These instruments are exported worldwide and are based on the anthropology developed by Rudolf Martin. Ongoing work on new technology and development ensures an assortment of GPM instruments that are always up-to-date and meet every demand.